Friday, April 10, 2009


Hey everybody! This is Austin here, just wanting to test out the blog and give a quick update. I can't believe how fast the year is going. The middle of April is upon us and the 15th of the month will mark the 2 month countdown to the start of the ride. Yikes! The 4,500 miles Dave and I are going to be biking this summer are becoming a little more real with each day. I should probably be on the road training instead of blogging, but oh well.

With the start of the ride looming, Dave and I are working very hard at fundraising. Our initial letter writing campaign was successful, and we are prepping another round of letters to go out real soon. Next weekend we are going to set up a booth at Redwood Shores for the Washington, Oregon St., and Wisconsin races. If you are in the area come watch us race and then learn about our ride! Not only will we drop some knowledge on you, but you'll also get to see some of the best crews in the country throwing down mano-a-mano!

We've got some other projects in the works, but I'll leave that for a later post. Thanks for checking up and please leave any comments or suggestions. We really appreciate it!

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