Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Ride Looms

I'm currently procrastinating on not one but two papers, so I thought it was about time for a blog update. As we come up on the month-and-a-half to go mark, Dave and I are starting to shift the focus of our efforts. While we will will maintain our push for fundraising, some logistical questions begin to present themselves and need to be addressed. 

The most pressing of these issues is lodging. While we have been gifted with a large support vehicle, the thought of curling up every night in there isn't too appealing. Thus, we are starting to contact people along the route who might be willing to put us up for a night. Family, friends, friends of friends, supporters, and well wishers are all on our list. If we are coming through your town (the route will be posted shortly) and are willing to host two bikers and one driver for a night, please contact us as

The other major question we are dealing with at the moment is setting up speaking arrangements. We are dedicated to make this ride about both fundraising AND education. By spreading the message of Face AIDS, we think there will be a far greater impact on various communities than two guys raising some money. So, in the coming weeks we will contact Rotary clubs, churches, high schools, and camps (really anyone who will listen to us!) about speaking opportunities. If you have any suggestions, please let us know! We are grateful for any and all tips.

Well, that's all over here. I've got to get back to essays on the outbreak of WWI and Faulkner's As I Lay Dying. Check back soon!

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