Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 27: Hot Tubs and Vuvuzellas

Sunday mornings remind Sanford of being dragged to church; They remind Shane of being dragged to the temple, Jason of being dragged to the synagogue, Zane the barn, and Claire the showers for her weekly bath. But, for the elderly, wise Kirsten and Mike, Sunday mornings represent another day to have fun before the workweek starts.

Fittingly, the five underclassmen slowly arose from their sleep in the Mystery Machine to the departure of Mike and Kirsten on the day’s 66-mile ride. The sophomores had slept in after a long night on the road, while the almost senior citizens took advantage of their days of rest and arose bright and early for the ride. In hopes to arrive in Lexington before the start of the World Cup final, the kids quickly jumped out of their bed sheets and threw on their biking gear. It took two months and a goal from Landon Donavon for soccer to become America’s national sport, but now that it was at its pinnacle in America, the boys would not miss out on the finale. With Claire, shockingly, deciding to drive the Mystery Machine, the team saddled up with a drive and determination to make the ride in three hours. Team Diversity, Sanford and Shane, pressed early in the game, trying scoring an early goal so that they could settle into the pace of the game later on. In accordance, Team Muscle Milk, Zane and Jason, sporting matching tank tops, decided to relax through the first part of the game and find a rhythm before they made any moves. Mike and Kirsten, the long time favorites, had an advantage in goal differential leading up to this final match, but with the determination of four pressing behind them, they dropped their cameras and took to each pedal with a new found determination.

Averaging more than 21 mph the entire day, the group stage was won by Sanford and Shane, as they only acquired a Green Card during their ride. The Cow’s “moos” rang louder than vuvuzellas as Zane and Jason were booed finishing up the last 10 miles in shame.

Momma Fish, had done well with her driving job, getting the tired teams a deal at the luxurious Holiday Inn Express and as soon as the teams pulled in they had Lunchables and a flat screen TV ready to go. As the always knowledgeable Jason taught the team about the sport of soccer, though he hasno idea how to play the game himself, the Spaniards scored their goal and the referee had successfully screwed the Dutch out of their trophy. Sanford, noticeably upset by the entire fiasco, stormed out of the room ranting, “Team Jacob should have made the finals! He is much cuter than those Dutchmen!”

With the game over, and Zane’s muscles finally sore, the group took a relaxation session in the hotels hot tub and pool. And, after spending hours in the water, the pruny bunch finally had more wrinkles than Claire. With pool time came an ever-growing rumble in their stomachs, and the team hopped back into the Mystery Machine in hopes of finding a local eatery for dinner.

Lexington’s relatively high percentage of Hispanic Americans (over 50% of the population) and southern environment truly made Shane feel at home. With his newly purchased cowboy hat and freshly grown mustache, Mr. Hegde led the team to San Pedros for a traditional Mexican dinner. After many a Margarita and countless Tequila shots, the group stumbled back to the Holiday Inn with Chingy fashion and headed to bed to prepare for their 77-mile day to metropolis of Grand Island, NE.

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