Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 3593: "Rest" Day in Chicago

Note: The gap blogs will be filled in shortly-we are experiencing technical difficulties and will be back on the air shortly.

The group split up yesterday for the rest day in Chicago. However, they all reunited, albeit in two groups, at The Friendly Confines, Wrigley Field. With help from donors, all seven members of the team were able to attend the Cubs-Cardinals game this afternoon, watching Sweet Lou's ballplayers romp the Cardinals 5-0. A day that saw Alfonso Soriano, a Lupatkin family favorite when with the Yankees, hit a home run and Albert Pujols, a Lupatkin family favorite although he made Tino Martinez obsolete, go 0-4 will truly prove to be memorable. Sitting in the bleachers, Shane, Claire, Sanford, Zane, and Jason proved to be a lively bunch, making conversation with the fans around and even the outfielders at one point. Unfortunately, although that conversation led to Marlon Byrd throwing Shane and Jason a ball after warming up, he may have become to energetic and enthused about the FACE AIDS mission; in fact, he overthrew our two matching boys and ended up hitting a clueless Zane in the end. Used mostly to holding pitchforks and other farming implements, Zane's calloused hands were no match for not-cow filled leather, as he quite literally dropped the ball, leaving Claire with an injured finger and the other riders filled with a seething, festering anger.

With "Go Cubs, Go" playing their heads, members of the team went their separate ways for dinner. Enjoying a delightful and delicious dinner at the Sullivan Household, courtesy of Tim and Sue, were Shane, Sanford, Claire, Jason, and Zane, while Mike and Kirsten head back to Batavia.

The night culminated with a 50 mile drive back to homebase in Batavia, where the team was forced to endure rough thunderstorms in the Mystery Machine. Fear not, however, as our meddling kids were able to weather the storm (get it?) and make it to the Pufahl Household in one piece.

PS An obvious many thanks to Kirsten's family for hosting the team and being as flexible as they have been.
PPS Yes, Joel, maybe they should have kept Soriano


  1. Hey guys keep on going on your journey! Don't forget to talk about Cedar Point and mention my name( just as our deal strictly stated). Again best of luck and keep on going! Stay hydrated!!!!!!

  2. Hey guys, have you heard of this water bottle before, Clean Bottle? It unscrews at both ends so you can clean it out. I'm thinking about getting one because I have lots of problems cleaning out my bottles. I think if you go to they have a but 3 get 1 free deal. I saw the guy running around in costume at the Tour and it was hilarious Any one use them?