Friday, July 17, 2009

Back in the saddle again

Dave, Lauren, and I rolled out of bed this morning refreshed, excited, and ready to hit the road. Chris Brammer, our host in Springfield, had welcomed us into his home and it was just what we all needed. The previous day we arrived in Springfield around 3 and Chris met us in the center of town. We chatted and had some snacks before he brought us to the local college where we showered while he went home.

Before going to dinner at Chris’s house we stopped at the Bass Pro Shop. For all the non-fishermen out there, Bass Pro is the quintessential outdoor shop for all things fishing. The corporation is actually based in Springfield, MO and let me tell you, the outlet is MASSIVE. I won’t begin to describe. Let your imaginations run wild with guns, fishing poles, and lots of camo.

After Bass Pro we headed over to Chris’s house for dinner. Chris and his wife, Robyn, just had their first child, Wyatt, two days ago! Tired, but happy, they welcomed us into their home and we enjoyed a great lasagne dinner with their parents, all four who were proud first-time grandparents.

Having enjoyed a great home cooked meal, it was time to head to the church where we would be sleeping. On the way I was dropped off at a local clinic and had my chest stitches removed. Needless to say I was very happy, except for the fact that it is almost healing too well and I fear that I won’t have as sweet a scar as I imagined.

Today we had an 80-mile day which was prolonged to around 90 after a “scenic tour” Dave and I chose to take….which of course means we got lost. Once we found our way we cruised on and made it all the way to Houston.

As some may know, today was my first day back on the bike in eight days! I was so pumped to finally be riding again, but let me tell you, my legs are feeling it. The past 8 days were just limited activity; I tried to do as little as physically possible! My legs are really sore and tomorrow we have our longest day of the trip: 132 miles!

It’s getting late and I can’t wait to crawl into bed so I will save my perceptions of Missouri until tomorrow. Thanks for reading, and come back tomorrow!

Answer to yesterday’s Trivia: Missouri is the “Show-Me” state. Check back tomorrow for the origin of this nickname.

Today’s Trivia Question: "Wild Bill" Hickok, a daunting figure in Old Western Lore, killed a man in Springfielf, MO in a draw over a small piece of property. What was this article over which the argument was held?


  1. A former friend of Wild Bill named Davis Tutt took Bill's watch as collateral for a gambling debt and paraded it around in front of him. Bill warned him not to, Tutt did it again, they dueled, and Bill won.

  2. NATE!!!! I want a date on the town with dave! you and your itchy trigger internet finger.