Friday, July 17, 2009

Trivia Contest Standings: Part 2

The battle for the RAA Trivia Contest title rages on! The recent emergence of the player-coach Nate Rooks onto the playing field has created a three-way tie for first place. As of today the standings are:

1. Nate Rooks- 20 points
1. Matty Pru- 20 points
1. Katie O'Neil- 20 points
4. Christie Lehren- 15 points
5. The Lilley Family- 10 points
6. Sean Keeley- 9 points

With just under a month left, the game is still wide open. As usual the trivia question will be something pertaining to an event in the day or a random (and probably useless) fact that we recently learned. So keep checking back and playing the game!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The stakes in the game have just been raised! The winner will not only receive a Face AIDS DVD and a kiss from our lovely own Dave Evans, but Dave will take the lucky winner out on the town for an evening! Pictures of a potential date will soon follow.

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