Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day off in Blanding, UT

After forgoing our rest day in Hite, today's day of rest was a welcome relief. In the past five days we've travelled several hundred miles, climbed multiple peaks (even up over 10,000 ft!), and endured some bitter heat. A day off was just what we needed.

I planned on sleeping in but old habits die hard, so when the rays of the morning sun broke through our windows at 8:30 my slumber was over. A couple cups of coffee later I was more or less ready to face the day.

Over breakfast Dave, Lauren, and I decided to drive down to the Four Corners, just over an hour outside of Blanding. We hopped in the Sprinter and drove off. It was sort of what we expected: underwhelming, touristy, and probably not on the exact location of the Four Corners. But hey, that's what we were looking for! We took some photos (check back for Dave doing a back bend, one limb in each state. We need to stretch more) and headed back to Blanding.

The afternoon was a lazy one. The TV droned for a while as we slept, read, or did whatever else we were doing. In the evening we met up with Lauren's parents. Her father had work in New Mexico so her mother flew in and they drove up to see us. Mr. Kubiak will be joining us on tomorrow's ride which is exciting- we're always looking for new riders!

That's all I have for now. Tomorrow (knock on wood) shouldn't be a bad day. 82 miles with 1000 total feet of climbing. The weather calls for clouds so it should be cool, but we hope the rain holds off. We'll pass the border into Colorado tomorrow. The 4th will be spent in Telluride which we are very excited about. But now it's getting late and I need to hop into bed for tomorrow's ride. Thanks!

Answer to yesterday's trivia: Our names are as follow: David Andrew Evans, Lauren Emma Kubiak, and Austin William Carroll Keeley. 5 points go to Christie Lehren for getting my middle name correct!

Today's trivia question: What are the four states whose borders meet at the Four Corners? (3 points for each correct state)


  1. I'm a bit rusty on my geography, but I'm guessing: Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada?

  2. Just reviewed the photo album: wonderfully conveys the immensity of the country and what you have undertaken!