Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 13: Our A-Team

Today's journey was memorable for its stunning presentation of the many different hues and colors in the visible spectrum of light. Utah’s canyons provided an increasingly beautify scenery with each coming mile, and each butte and mesa contrasted wonderfully with Claire’s ever paler skin.

All was not lost, though, as the homely Miss Fisher was able to update her JDate profile with a picture of her making delicious matzoh sandwiches for her yeshiva bound boys. The day’s ride pushed our group 110 miles across Utah’s I-70 to the bustling city of Green River. Long in distance, the day was made more enjoyable by amazing acts of teamwork and unity by our FACE AIDS riders. From Claire’s cooking, to Zane’s backseat driving, and Mike’s sun-burns, we learned today that each of us possess a unique skill set which can prove useful towards maintaing our sanity throughout this summer. Today, we discovered that The 2010 FACE AIDS team is no hodge-podge of riders; rather, we are a highly selective unit, tearing our way across this land in A-team fashion.

With regard to today's biking, the climb was quite difficult as the group took on 6000 feet of elevation in the beating sun. Rewarded every so often with long, winding downhill passes through the stunning canyons of Utah, our riders felt that today was one of, if not the best days of riding. "The six miles of downhill with the perfect view of the sandstone canyons was the only thing that got me through the day," exclaimed rider Kirsten Pufahl. Originally planning to stop halfway to Green River, drive to the Grand Canyon, and drive back to our finishing point, the riders truly performed outside of themselves in making the journey a day's trek. Now a day ahead of schedule, our ambitious team considers, once more, meshing two days of riding into one as they head off for Grand Junction, CO tomorrow.

It will truly be with heavy hearts that we wave goodbye to the great state of Utah and its continuing power outtages as we enter the more difficult terrain of the Rockie Mountains and Colorado. We would like to thank our readers for giving us the motivation to write on, our supporters for fueling us mentally and emotionally each day, the Fisher family for both allowing us to mock Claire and for calling her regularly to remind her that she is loved, and the only supermarket in Salina, UT for giving us access to their large sink to fill the water cooler. Motel 6, you get no credit for your bland room designs and lack of wi-fi. Jerks.

Note: Some of you may have noticed that this blog post lacks both comedic energy and commentary about the World Cup, but after today's trials and tribulations we had no heart for either. On that note, we will now let you get back to realizing that you never cared about soccer, wondering why Furby didn't make it into Toy Story 3 (mine is still locked in my closet in hopes that he will shut up), and googling "yeshiva."

Waka Waka, this time for Africa.


  1. Ah, me and Reuven spent quite some time at our local yeshiva