Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 6: Egg Rolls & Google Maps

Before you watch TMZ tonight, we want to set the rumors straight: Yes, the seven of us did in fact change the route for the 2010 Ride Against Aids.

Salivating for a different taste of America than last year’s riders, we chose to push the route a bit north because we felt that it would allow us to see a more diverse landscape and it would offer us more opportunities to spread the message of Face AIDS. Please click the link to the left to see our route!

As you can already tell, most of our time during this rest day in the metropolis of Fallon, Nevada was spent planning the next two months of travel. We spent over 15 hours today (and many hours over the last five days) hammering out each day of our trip and so we missed some the highlights on Fallon’s extensive wikipedia page. By far, the highlight of the day came in Claire’s duel with the Church showers to see if she could make it out of Fallon without submitting to the cleansing nature of the holy water. Sadly for our group, Claire won (Just kidding, after reading this post, Claire scurried to the sink). Other accomplishment were found academically today, as the frugal and intellectual Jason Lupatkin taught Zane about sales taxes (not every state is as asinine as California and charges 9%) and how to respond to an incompetent worker at a fast food restaurant who charges you $3.50 for some egg rolls that you did not order.

Today helped us establish a tangible goal for our summer. We can now visualize our journey ahead, and we hope to set up more presentations along our new route. If you have any contacts in the cities listed or could help us in finding a presentation in a given state, please contact us at

Well with 111 miles straight into the desert tomorrow, we have to go pack up our camelbacks, fill our water bottle, and hope that Shane can do a rain dance (all Indians can do rain dances right?). Wish us luck!

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  1. Fallon sure is beautiful in summer, my honeymoon there was quite the affair