Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 17: A Couple's Massage

The Rocky Mountains are like that really attractive girl from junior high school: She is beautiful, she knows she’s beautiful, and, because of that, she is going to make the developmental stage in your life a living hell.

After a day duller than a 156 game Wimbledon match, today’s uphill ride proved to be a welcome relief from the absence of excitement. Although our team has handled days much more challenging than today’s 3000 ft climb/ill-designed shoulder treads/stand still traffic, the miniscule annoyances made today’s 80 mile journey a drawn out affair.

The morning began with a beat, as Shane’s tonsils clearly still felt the after-effects of his accident and his painkillers and kept the entire team awake with his snoring. Through Shane’s air horn, our tireless riders somehow managed to wake up at 6:00 AM to begin the day. Mike and Kirsten left first, continuing in their tradition of being perhaps the only riders who truly appreciate the scenery we pass by. It seems as though the two of them always manage to point out some important landmark missed by the fitness freaks that are Zane, Sanford, and Jason (ha ha, okay… you got me… Jason is still a wana-be fitness freak). As the sun rose higher, the rest of the group managed to navigate its way out of the Mesa State College campus, putting all five riders on the road at about 7:30 AM.

Smooth sailing carried our riders through to the fifty-mile marker and Zane’s wonderful turkey and mayonnaise sandwiches stripped the championship belt off of Claire’s waste and gave him the esteemed position of “best sandwich maker.” During lunch, each rider slowly began to realize that there were splendid hotel rooms awaiting them at the Glenwood Springs Hotel (courtesy of an anonymous and very generous alum), and we all chose to push hard to the spa, cutting lunch short. Despite the repaving of the roads, all five riders arrived in Glenwood by 2:00 PM, leaving just enough time for a dip in the Hot Springs next to the hotel.

Realizing that they would not be sharing beds for the first time in over a week, Shane and Jason chose to do whatever it took to continue their budding friendship. Due to Jason’s o-so-hilarious sense of humor, the answer to this was in a couples’ hot stone massage at the Glenwood Springs Spa –it should be noted that Jason made the reservation, while Shane had no idea it was a couples message until his name card read “Shane Lupatkin.” As Sanford, Zane, Claire and the gang laughed from the pool, the two Lupatkins enjoyed one another’s company and the finest touch Colorado has to offer.

Post rub down, the A-Team reassembled to head out for a large steak dinner at Juicy Lucy's, courtesy of another very generous alum. Today’s anonymous donations to our ride really hit home as our group dressed up, ate well, and enjoyed one another’s company at our family dinner. We each bike at least 4 hours a day, and have way to much time on our hands to think about the definition of service, but it truly has been the helping hands along the way that have taught us the most about giving back.

Tomorrow, we will pedal another 4,000 ft up the Rockies to Vail, CO to stay with the Garton Family. We have a tent, we have more than enough canned food, but because of the many acts of kindness we have received so far on our journey, none of the above have been needed.

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  1. Shane and Jason both are man? I thought they were opposite in gender, so they could try this out.